Do you spend so much time putting out fires that new features end up on the backburner?

Delivery dates are missed; releases need to be pushed back; features are descoped and descoped until there's barely any product left.

The worst part is because you're so snowed under, there's no time to find a way out.

You might have tried making some changes: perhaps the team moved from SVN to Git, or implemented Scrum, but they haven't helped:

There are more merge conflicts than ever. Stand-ups take so long, they might as well be sit-downs.

Imagine knowing the exact next step you need to take, to start moving in a positive direction.

Something that would allow you to spend less time reacting to problems, and start delivering great features on time.

Something that would break the vicious cycle of fire-fighting and negativity.

Something that would make a material change to your team's productivity.

Something that would dramatically decrease some of your delivery risk.

Get an unbiased view of where you're at.

Getting an outside opinion can help shine light on your blind spots, and point out things that you're too deep in the trenches to notice.

The DevOps Health-check is an interactive workshop that uncovers opportunities for dramatic risk reduction and productivity improvement for .NET teams. Over the course of a morning, we collaborate with your team to understand the application you're building, uncover your organisational drivers and attitudes to risk, and systematically construct a picture of how changes to your application go from idea through to production deployment. We use a variety of activities to build up this picture in an engaging way.

This stage typically takes 3 hours, and is most successful when it includes one of each of the following kinds of people from your organisation:

  • Development manager
  • Senior developer
  • Junior developer
  • Test/QA analyst
  • DevOps/Release/operations engineer
  • Business analyst/product owner

The workshop is not just about fact-finding: it's about building a shared understanding of end-to-end delivery, which in itself can provide great value. In many organisations, even having all of these people in the same room at the same time rarely happens.

After the workshop, we put together a diagnostic report detailing our findings, which you will receive by the end of the following business day. It will enable you to:

  • Understand the current approaches being used by your development team
  • Understand how these compare to approaches used in the industry
  • Understand areas of strength in your approaches
  • Understand areas of risk in your approaches
  • Identify mismatches between your business goals and current approaches

Finally, we recommend the one most important change you should make to your team's approaches to take that first step towards reduced risk and improved productivity.

Investment: $500 (ex-GST)

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Don't worry - we're so confident that you'll be wowed by the results, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Our promise

We want to be sure that you have a great experience when you engage Zero Friction for the DevOps Health-check, so we make you the following promises:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We will provide a full and immediate refund if you're not happy with the standard of work delivered.
  • Guaranteed next-business-day report: If we can't get the completed report to you within the promised timeframe, you get the report, and also a full refund.
  • No obligation: This is a standalone service. You're free to use the results in any way you like, though we'd be more than happy to partner with you if you wanted some outside help!

Why us?

This unique service draws on Zero Friction's decade of experience building and deploying web applications across a range of industries.

We're a small company, so your health-check will be run by a software delivery expert with real-world experience and knowledge - not a fresh graduate hire like you might get from the big consultancies.

We have a laser focus on the delivery of web applications. When you work with us, you know you're getting actionable advice tailored to your unique situation, backed by deep knowledge and experience.

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